The META PowerSchool Customization Catalog contains customizations for Alerts across the PowerSchool platform. We have designed customizations based on our customer and staff requests. When we saw a need to make the experience better for our districts, we made a customization for it. We are continuously adding to to the lists of customizations.

META Customizations Catalog
Enhancing the PowerSchool Experience

  • Servicing 200,000+ students in 70+ districts
  • 100+ unique customizations to enhance the end user PowerSchool experience
  • Includes customizations to enhance your experience with tracking and displaying Student Alerts, Migrating and Consolidating Student Contacts, Accessible information in the Parent/Student Portal and many more!
  • META Report Builder – Coming Soon!
Purchasing the Customization Catalog gives you access to more than just the customizations. It also gives you access to our Contact Migration functionality (mass consolidate all those duplicate contacts, for one) and our META Online Report card. The online report card can be easily be customized and managed by you and works for both traditional and standards-based grading. All of this for one extremely low price.

To find out more about our customizations, CONTACT US and we will set up a WebEx with you that showcases our customizations, contact migration, and online report card. We also have a Free 30-day Demo plug-in that you can try before you buy.
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